About Dawn Johnson 

Internationally recognized sculptor Dawn Johnson introduces an ever changing collection of unique modern metal sculptures. All of my pieces are hand cut and brushed using many different grinding and sanding techniques. Each one is unique and original. I create these sculptures in a small studio located in Mentor, Ohio .

I have always been an artist at heart but it wasnt until 5 years ago that I had found the medium that most inspired me, I love the brilliance found in the metal, I enjoy hand grinding and sanding until I can bring out the hidden beauty in the metal. I find inspiration all around me, through shapes and color, nature and trash, I love modern contemporary decor and enjoy the challenge of creating the perfect piece to compliment a room. The possibilities are endless when you are working with metal.

I am a self taught sculptor who after envisioning what a few scrap pieces of metal could look like,  started to experiment with different techniques until I was able to master many brushed effects.  I know I have a lot to learn but I have been told that my naïveté  allows me to see things with truly fresh eyes.

My work is on display at The Art Gallery in Downtown Willoughby,Ohio. Willoughby Municipal Court. My work has also been seen at Jennifer & Company Mentor, Ohio. The Willoughby Arts Fest, Waterloo 7 Gallery, Asian Market, Several store front windows in Downtown Cleveland, Wilson Mills Rd. Highland Heights, Ohio.

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